Where can Wattguard be used?
The best results are achieved in facilities with intensive lighting, where the lights are on for long periods of time. For example, in car parks, shopping centres, warehouses, industrial facilities, stations, airports, greenhouses, etc.  But also in outdoor applications, such as street lighting.

How do I know whether Wattguard is right for my facility?
Contact us. We’ll do a free analysis of your facility and evaluate the savings potential.

How long does installation take? And when will I start to notice the savings?
Our technicians install Wattguard in just a few hours. And your energy consumption decreases immediately.

Do I need to change the fixtures in my facility before installing Wattguard?
No, there’s no need to change any fixtures. Wattguard is installed by your breaker box. Since every facility is unique, minor adjustments must be made to what is essentially a standard installation – such as rewiring electrical outlets that are connected to lighting. If larger modifications are necessary, these  are estimated separately.

What does Wattguard cost?
There are a variety of payment options. Your net savings will be roughly 25%. Contact us, and we can tell you more.

Can Wattguard handle all sorts of lighting?
No, only lighting based on gas-filled tubes. Wattguard does not work with self-regulating high-frequency ballasts.
With Wattguard installed, how come the light effect is almost as strong when the tube is drawing less current?
Wattguard increases Lux per Watt by about 80%, since the technology uses the current much more efficiently.  Quite simply, less current is needed to produce the same amount of light.

How does it extend the life of the lighting tubes?
With Wattguard, you obtain lower voltage so the fixture does not heat up so much. This leads to a significant increase in the lifetime of lighting tubes.

Where have you tested Wattguard? Can I see the test results?
Wattguard has been installed in several types of facilities around Sweden and Denmark. Contact us, and we will gladly share the detailed results of our tests!

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