Good for the environment

The big environmental advantage of Wattguard is that electrical energy is more efficiently utilized.  Electricity consumption decreases, which in turn means lower CO2 emissions. The results from installations in Sweden show that Wattguard saves at least 40% of electricity consumption.

Save money

Lighting is a major budget item for many companies with brightly lit facilities, such as indoor car parks,  warehouses, factories, stations, airports, greenhouses, and other facilities where the light are on for long periods at a time.
With Wattguard, you can achieve savings in electricity consumption of over 40% without noticeably reducing the level of light.  In addition to lower energy costs, you also save on materials. Thanks to lower voltage and reduced heating of the fixtures, the lifetime of your lighting tubes is extended significantly. This in turn reduces the labour and materials costs for changing lighting tubes too!

Easy for you

Wattguard is easy to install.  First, we do a preliminary study of your electricity consumption to determine the correct dimensions of the control instrument. Then, Wattguard is prepared and customised in the factory, which makes it simple to install at your site.  Electricity consumption decreases radically, from the very first day. All Wattguard installations are carried out by our network of knowledgeable electrical technicians around Sweden. They also handle service and maintenance, and make sure that Wattguard delivers the results we’ve promised.
With various payment options, we make it easy for you to finance Wattguard. Contact us today, and let us tell you more.