The technology: more Lux per Watt

This technology means that we reduce the voltage and increase efficiency in relation to the energy needed to power the lights. The number of lux per watt increases and decreases power consumption by about 40%. We do this without costly investments or changes in the armature.

The technology works best for gas-filled lighting tubes with lamp-starters in environments with extensive and intensive lighting, such as factories, warehouses, shopping centres, airports, garages, etc.
The technology also significantly increases the lifetime of the lighting tubes, which leads to lower labour and material costs.

Working process: no investments needed

How to get started:

  • First meeting and a preliminary study in which we identify the parameters for reducing light-associated electricity use in your facilities.
  • You receive an estimate and an order confirmation.
  • You send your order.
  • We install the “green box” and let it operate for two weeks for optimisation.
  • We analyse the results and confirm that the control instrument is delivering as promised.
  • You send your approval of delivery.

With various payment options, we make it easy for you to finance the “green box”.