–The Hungarian inventors have, using their special connection unit, succeeded in increasing the discharging so that more UV photons are produced per Watt unit. In this way, more light is produced via the fluorescent powder. The system is most effective when it is applied to facilities with T8 lighting tubes and conventional magnetic drivers. It is believed that the energy consumption can be reduced by about 40% without an effect on the produced quantity of light. I was in the beginning very sceptical about the information about energy savings, but the system works.

Strong evidence

Results do vary somewhat depending on local conditions  at the site. But generally speaking, savings of about 40% are being obtained wherever Wattguard is installed.

Below, we show an example of how savings develop over the first two weeks when we carry out measurements in a facility prior to approval of the delivery.  You can also download the installation documentation from one of our reference facilities.

1 hour after installation 1 week after installation 2 weeks after installation
Electricity savings
37% i kW 41,5% i kW 47,5% i kW
Lux/Watt ratio +43% +71% +82,5%